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Speed Team Page

Would you like to join a Speed Skating Club?

road racing
inline skating

Speed Club Schedule

Speed Practice is on Wednesday Evening from
Club Fee is $2 a practice
Starting in September the speed club competes
in a league speed meet once a month. Members
are encouraged but are not required to participate.
It's a lot of fun and there are divisions for inline
and quad(conventional) skaters.

Great Exercise!

Would you like to get in shape or lose a couple of pounds?
Speed skating is one of the best exercises that is available.
It's low impact, easy on the joints, and is very similar to
bicycling. If you know how to skate you're already halfway
there. All skaters are required to wear a certified helmet and
supply their own skates, inline or quad.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Jack's Skateland * 1413 Phoenix *Fort Smith * AR* 479-646-2538