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Skateland Photo Album

These are a few photos of Jack's Skateland from through the years. For a more complete selection, go to our photo site,, log in with: skate39861 password: roll

The Beach Boy Years.
This is how the rink looked in the early sixties before it was renovated in the seventies. Notice the concrete floor and the left wall before it was expanded.

Skateland in 1963
14 step

The Seventies.
This is a picture of Jack Jarrell fixing a skate for Joe Brown in the early Seventies.
Skate Counter


No rollerblades in this picture!

Saturday Morning Session
All Skate

This picture is from the early sixties. It is a shot of the front and left(east)side of the building. Check out the Coca-Cola box up in the corner by the front door. We left this picture big so you can really see what the place used to look like.
A Blast From The Past!

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